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Back Massage

Our Services

We welcome a range of patients such as athletes, laborers, students, and office workers, those with a history of traumatic accidents, and even those who just want to improve mobility. We want to reach skiers in Wentworth, Miners in Pugwash, and fishermen along the North Shore, all are welcome. 

Chiropractors treat more than back pain. While many patients do use our services for back and neck pain, we also treat the following:

Sciatica pain

Arthritic joint pain

Knee pain

Hip pain 

Arm pain

Posture and scoliosis

Jaw pain (TMJ)

Whiplash Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents

Headaches and migraines

Sport injuries 

Sprains and Strains

Pregnancy-related pain

Plantar fasciitis

Carpal tunnel

Discomfort from chronic conditions

Mobility and flexibility

Pregnancy Care


Initial Assessment 60 min $100

Physiotherapy Treatment 45min $80

Massage Therapy

       Therapeutic massage - 30min $68        Deep tissue massage - 30min $83

                                               45min $85                                                            45min $100

                                                         60min $100                                                           60min $115

                                                         90min $120                                                  90min $135

              Prenatal massage - 60min $105         Add-Ons; 

                                               90min $110         Indian head massage - 15min $25

                                                                                                                30min $50

                                                                         Reflexology -                15min $30

                                                                                                                30min $55

                                                                                    Aromatherapy -             $15

                                                                         Myo-Scrapping -            $20

Contact us today for questions relating to your care!


SMT (spinal manipulative therapy)

Spinal adjustments are high velocity, low amplitude thrusts through your spinal joints which sometimes cause a popping sound. This releases tension in the joint and surrounding nervous system, as well as helping to relieve muscle tension and improve function of the area. 

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Activator method 

Similar to SMT, the activator tool is a hand-held device that provides high velocity movement through a joint, without the discomfort that some may experience with SMT. This is an excellent evidence based alternative to manual adjustments and provides similar results. 

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MVA claims 

Chiropractors in Nova Scotia are able to provide assessment and treatment under the Motor Vehicle Act and are able to bill through the insurance policy set up through your MVA claim. 

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Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are taught sections of muscles also known as knots, which can refer pain to other areas of the body. There are many hands on techniques used to release these, with the goal being to treat the source of the pain, instead of the general muscle tension surrounding it. 

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Extremity adjusting

Using manual mobilisations and the use of a toggle board, chiropractors are able to adjust extremity joints in order to maintain mobility and function. When used alongside exercise therapy, pain and discomfort can be significantly reduced. 

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Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise and rehabilitation of function are important factors in treating almost all conditions under chiropractic care. There is much evidence to support that manual treatments are significantly more effective alongside exercise therapy. Which is why our team will likely provide you with your own set of exercises to do either in clinic or at home to support your care plan. 

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Pregnancy Care (Webster)

Dr. Megan is certified in the Webster technique, a form of chiropractic care that focuses on treating pregnant women. The purpose is to optimise the function of the mothers pelvis to reduce the possibility of difficult labor. 

WCB ( Coming Soon )

Price List

Initial Assessment  


Laser Therapy

Combo Treatment


(6 months since last visit)     






Physical Therapist
“Meeting Megan has improved my overall well being.  She is professional, operates on schedule, is direct when making assessments and knows what is required to treat problematic strains and resulting pain.  I injured my shoulder, she provided me with on site therapy, take home exercises and follow-up assessments. Pinpointing of pain source and recommending specific exercises and heat therapy has resolved the injury and associated pain.

Jason A.

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